Committee Meetings

Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Monday 14th October 2019
Monday 11th November 2019
Monday 9th December 2019
Monday 13th January 2020
Monday 24th February 2020
Monday 16th March 2020
Monday 20th April 2020
Monday 11th May 2020
Monday 1st June 2020


Manager Meetings

Sunday 8th September 2019
Sunday 20th October 2019
Sunday 15th December 2019
Sunday 8th March 2020
Sunday 26th April 2020
Sunday 17th May 2020



Monday 6th July 2020



Saturday 13th June 2020
Sunday 14th June 2020



6th & 7th June 2020

All Committee meetings will be held at Audley Mills Education Centre at 8.00pm.

All Managers meetings will be held at The British Legion at 6.30pm.

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