Welcome to Rayleigh Boys & Girls Youth FC, which has been running since 1976 and is regarded by the Essex Football Association, as the largest youth football club in Essex.

Our Mission Statement

It is the aim of Rayleigh Football Club to promote a safe Environment for Children to learn, develop and enjoy playing youth football in the community.

The club through affiliation to the Football Association is committed to a structured approach of training and development using FA qualified and CRB approved Managers and Coaches to install the underpinning knowledge to improve each player’s abilities and appreciation of the rules of playing football.

Through a transparent structure with teams of all age groups, no child will be excluded from participating in football on the grounds of gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

With every Manager/Coach competently trained in child protection the welfare of every child is of paramount importance.

The club will always foster a culture of fair play and friendship throughout all of its activities with emphasis on playing the game in a fair and honest manner, showing the utmost respect for our opponents in victory and defeat.

The Committee, Managers and Coaches of Rayleigh Football Club are committed to continually review and improve our policies, procedures and codes of conduct to achieve our goal of being regarded as the leading supplier of Youth football in the community.